Seminar PAHF UMPIRES MANAGERS, Philadelphia 2 & 3 March 2017

Prior to the Big Apple Tournament Yolande Brada (NED) delivered a seminar for a variety of PAHF umpires managers; from local US umpires managers to international umpires managers. The programme was all about the competences for umpires managers and Yolande introduced and emphasized the role and importancy of the other role: the umpires coach.

A few of the topics: role and responsibilities, umpires manager versus umpires coach, coaching and education styles, reflection, feedback versus feed forward, the art of asking questions, assessing and feedback reports.

The next phrase was written by one of the participants:
“I have discovered that I have so much more to offer to every umpire and person. I am going to interact within a capacity as umpires manager or even as an umpires coach because of my interaction in this seminar with the participants and with Yolande Brada. It has been resourceful and invokes so much abilities and sensitivity I may not have been aware of.”